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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parking Application

  1. Application to Allow Temporary On-Street Parking of Recreational Vehicle, Utility Trailer or Camper

  2. Any resident of the City may obtain a parking permit authorizing him or her to park such a vehicle in front of his or her residence or place of business.

    Any out-of-town visitor of a residence may obtain a parking permit authorizing the visitor to park such vehicle in front of such residence, but may not reside in that vehicle overnight while it is so parked, or run water, waste or power lines to the vehicle over a public right of way. Out of town visitor means any person who does not reside in the city.

    Please fill out the following information and present a Government ID.

  3. Duration and Renewal. The parking permit shall be valid for 72 hours. Upon expiration of a parking permit issued under this section, the applicant may apply for and be granted another parking permit if the applicant meets the conditions set forth in the following sentence. In no event shall more than one (1) parking permit be issued to an applicant within a thirty-day period.

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